Module 9

Applied Regression Analysis

Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing the Applied Regression Analysis Module, students will be able to

  1. Explain regression analysis and its application
  2. Perform regression analysis using statistical software, including MS Excel & Minitab
  3. Explain regression analysis outputs in the context of the problem, including
    1. ANOVA table
    2. Model summary statistics
    3. Functional relationship
    4. Regression coefficients in the context of the problem
  4. Perform regression diagnostic analysis using statistical Software, including MS Excel and Minitab
  5. Explain the regression diagnostic analysis results, including
    1. Verifying the linearity assumption
    2. Both visual and statistical checks for unusual observations: outlier, leverage and influential points
    3. Check for the normality of residuals
    4. Check for variance homogeneousness (constancy)
    5. Check for correlated residuals
  6. Perform the Lack-of-Fit test and interpret the results