Confound Three Effects

Linear Combination Method

Recall the confounding scheme for three effects with eight blocks in a 25 design using the -1/+1 coding system provided in Table 9 & Table 10. Table 9 for the -1/+1 coding system can be comparable to the Table 14 for the 0/1 coding system. The linear combinations for the three confounding effects ABCD, ABCE, and ABDE are provided in Equation 6, Equation 7, & Equation 8, respectively.

Equation 6

Equation 7

Equation 8

Table 14. Block Assignment for Three Confounded Effects to Produce 8 Blocks Using the 0/1 Coding System.

Table 15. Assignment of Eight Blocks for Three Confounding Effects in a 25 Factorial Design of Experiments Using the 0/1 Coding System