Module 11


Expected Mean Square

Basics to the Advanced Design of Experiments

Split-Plot, Nested, Repeated Measure, Hierarchical, Sub-Sampling, & Mixed Models

Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing the Expected Mean Square (EMS) basics to the advanced design of experiments, students will be able to.

  1. Explain ANOVA Model I, Model II and Model III

  2. Explained Fixed, Random, Nested, and Mixed effect models

  3. Develop the Expected Mean Square table for any complex designs, including both restricted and unrestricted models

    1. Using the step-by-step easy to apply process

    2. Using the alternative/short-cut method

  4. Determine the correct divisor for the F-Statistics/F-test

  5. Perform the pseudo/approximate F-tests, including calculating the denominator degrees of freedom.

  6. Distinguish between restricted vs unrestricted mixed model

  7. Apply the correct mixed model between the restricted and unrestricted ones