Confound Two Effects

Linear Combination Method

Recall the -1/+1 coding system to confound two higher-order interactions, including ABC and ABD when four blocks are necessary to produce enough samples to complete a full replication (Table 7 & Table 8). Using the 0/1 coding system the block assignments for the confounded effects are provided in Table 12.

Table 12. Block Assignment Technique for Confounding Two Effects in 0/1 Coding System

The two linear combinations for the ABC and the ABD effects are provided in Equation 4 and Equation 5, respectively. Table 13 shows the block information for each treatment combination using the 0/1 coding system utilizing the linear combination method.

Equation 4

Equation 5

Table 13. Assignment of Four Blocks for Two Confounding Effects using 0/1 Coding System