Module 3


Analysis of Variance ANOVA

Completely Randomized Design (CRD) | Fixed- & Random- Effect Models

Practice Questions After Each Section

Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing the Module 3 One-Way/Single-Factor/Completely Randomized Design Analysis of Variance ANOVA, students will be able to

  1. Describe one-way/single-factor ANOVA
  2. Describe Completely Randomized Design
  3. Describe and Develop Population Means Model and Population Effect Models
  4. Distinguish between Fixed and Random Effect Models, and their Appropriate Use
  5. Perform Analysis Using Both MS Excel and Minitab for Fixed Effects and Random Effects Model
  6. Interpret the Analysis Results in the Context of the Problem
  7. Perform the Diagnostic Analyses (model adequacy check) using MS Excel and Minitab for both Fixed and Random Effects Models
  8. Interpret the Diagnostic Analysis Results
  9. Apply the four-steps method of design of experiments in both fixed and random effects models
  10. Determine the Appropriate Sample Size and the Power of a Statistical Test