Module 13

Mixed Factors

Design of Experiments

Nested/Hierarchical, Repeated Measure, & Split-Plot

Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing the Mixed Factors Design of Experiments, learners will be able to understand some most common advanced design and analysis of experiments, including the nested, repeated measure, and split-plot design of experiments (commonly known as a mixed [factor] model design of experiments). For each of these designs, learners will be able to

  1. Design the study

  2. Collect data

  3. Use appropriate statistical models to analyze data

  4. Develop the expected mean square (EMS) table and an appropriate theoretical ANOVA table with all sources of variations, degrees of freedom, EMS, and F-statistics divisor

  5. Produce the results, specially producing the ANOVA table with the specific style adhere to these designs

    1. For the nested design, divide the ANOVA table into the nested and crossed components

    2. For the repeated measure, divide the ANOVA table into the between and within-subject components

    3. For the split-plot, divide the ANOVA table into the whole-plot and split-plot components

  6. Perform the approximate/pseudo f-test when appropriate

  7. Produce the post-hoc analysis when appropriate

  8. Explain the results in the context of the problem

  9. Compare and contrast nested, repeated and split-plot designs