Engineering Mechanics: Statics

Chapter 4

Equilibrium of Coplanar Force Systems 

Free-Body Diagram, Reaction Force Calculations for Various types of Forces, including Parallel, Concurrent, Nonconcurrent, Uniform & Nonuniformly Distributed Load

Chapter 5

Analysis of Structure

Analysis of Trusses, Frames, and Machine Members | Method of Joints and Sections

Chapter 6


Friction, Friction Coefficient, Friction Force, Tension, Torque & Power, Rope, Flat Belt, V Belt, Tension, Torque, Square Threaded Screw, Ladder, & Wedge

Chapter 7

Centroid & Center of Gravity (CG)

Centroid, Center of Gravity, CG, mass moment & area moment 

Chapter 8

Area Moment of Inertia

Inertia, Transfer Fromula, Radius Gyration, Polar Moment of Inertia,